Should I transfer to Krisflyer directly or via Velocity program?

Can anyone help me with this calculation - as Velocity points are being devalued from Jan '19 to transfer to Kris Flyer Miles, and I’ve got an Amex Business accelerator card (2 V points or K Miles per $ spent) would it be better to:

  • wait for the usual Velocity November 15% bonus for transferring Amex reward points, then transfer those to Kris Flyer


  • transfer my Amex rewards points straight to Kris Flyer Miles

Ultimately I want to keep transferring all Velocity points earned to Kris Flyer Miles as I’m saving for a round the world business class flight on Singapore Airlines.

Many thanks!

Hi Paul

Transferring Amex Membership reward points direct to KrisFlyer will earn you more.

For example:

100000 MR = 100000 Krisflyer points

100000 MR = 115000 Velocity (during 15% bonus offer) = 85185 Krisflyer points (when transferred before 01-01-2019)

100000 MR = 115000 Velocity (during 15% bonus offer) = 74193 Krisflyer points (when transferred from 01-01-2019)

Wish you all the best for your RTW business class trip on Singapore Air.


Thanks CK, great advice!