Should I transfer my Amex points to Velocity or Etihad program to redeem the same Etihad operated flight?

Hi all,

Just seeking to get some clarification with regards to a potential one way business redemption to europe for mid july 2019.

I currently have already accured a number of amex gateway points and would like to purchase a few more directly from amex to be able to redeem the above mentioned flight.

I have searched both the Etihad Guest & Velocity sites which have come back with the following results for a one way business ticket to europe:

Etihad Guest Business: Miles 155,363 + AUD 537.38
Velocity Business Reward: Miles 254,900 or 139,000 + AUD695.18

My conclusion is that the velocity redemption is cheaper (139,000 + $695.18 vs 155,363 + $537.18) for the exact same flights and that I should transfer my amex points to velocity asap.

However, just a little confused with why velocity are quoting 254,900 - can anyone shed any light on why this is? will velocity charge me 254,900 instead of 139,000?


Paying the tax (cash) component with Velocity points is generally bad value. I always make sure I pay the tax with a credit card.

The 259k Velocity points means you would have used the additional Velocity points to pay for the $695.

It is up to you. Whether you want to pay 16.3k points/miles (21.7k Gateway points) or $160. If you value the points more, transfer to Velocity. Otherwise, transfer to Etihad.

Thanks for your clear response Warren, much appreciated. I definitely value my points more :smiley: Now to research the best business class product amongst all carriers on the route… decisions, decisions, decisions haha!

If you’re happy to fly Singapore airlines, have you considered a redemption to Istanbul or Morocco (78,000 points one way with minimal taxes until devaluation in 2 weeks) plus a connecting flight to whereever you need to go in Europe?