Should I transfer my Amex points to Emirates Skywards miles or Qantas points for Sydney to Dubai on Emirates?

Hi guys,

I’ve currently got over 350,000 Amex points but was quite disappointed to find out Amex to skywards points are now 3:1…

Wanted some advice on booking a flight from Sydney to Dubai. One option is to convert Amex points to skywards and I’d only have enough for should I book one flight emirates one way (82,000 points roughly)

However if I convert to qantas points at 2:1, I can book a flight to Dubai for 50,000 points + $342 with a rewards flight. These seems like a much better way of doing it?

Anyone had any similar experience or advice? The goal was to just pay for economy tickets and upgrade to business with points but I don’t think I have enough either way for me and my wife so could I later bid to upgrade these tickets through qantas if it’s a classic rewards flight ?

Any help would be great thanks guys strong text

Hi @jami3.e96,
I have transferred AMEX points to Qantas many times and find this works well as it allows you to book Emirates flights via Qantas website. Your 350,000 AMEX Points would convert to 175,000 Qantas FF points. You should be able to find 2 Economy seats from SYD - DXB fairly easily:

If you can hack a further 25,000-30,000 points before booking you’ll be able to get 2 return Economy seats for approx 200,000 points and about AUD$1,300. I would recommend locking that in first before trying to get upgrades etc… If you had more points in reserve you could monitor the seat availability approaching your departure date and see if you can modify your booking and upgrade one of the legs to Business class. Note that there will also be a points “cost” to do this… I think it’s 5,000 or 6,000 points to make a change - you would need to call up Qantas to do it.

All the best!

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