Should I transfer my Altitude points to Krisflyer or Velocity?

The dilema i am in!

I have 400k points in my Westpac altitude account (and 170k) in my DJs card

I travel to France often (and always business class)

Shall i convert my points to KRisflyer before the transfer is devalued on Nov 9
My hesitation here is that if i lock myself into Krisflyer, my future point transfer points to krisflyer will be devalued

Alternatively, shall i transfer my points to Velocity, now that they have the 15% bonus offer

Or as i write i thought, perhaps transfer enough points into Krisflyer for one return flight 142k points. Use that up for the one trip at least.

And then keep my points accumulating in my westpac account and transfer with a given flexibity to other airlines

I mentioned before i have two cards that earn non qantas, so I am keen to close one of the credit cards - save paying the annual fee. But need to transfer my points out before i close the account, otherwise i will lose the points

I hope this is clear


Hi Christine,

It is a problem you have to decide yourself ultimately. This is true for both where to transfer and what credit card to use/keep (PointHacks can’t advise on choice of credit cards).

Velocity point use to fly SQ has low surcharges/tax but requires more points.

Krisflyer point use to fly SQ has higher surcharges/tax but requires less points.


Before 9 Nov, 10000 Westpac = 5750 Velocity =  4259 KF

10000 Westpac = 5000 Krisflyer

After devaluation, 10000 Westpac = 4000 KF


FWIW, Velocity does have a history of bringing back the 15% bonus transfer every now and then.

Personally, using VFF to fly SQ business class is a great way to save on out of pocket cost. If you want to fly SQ suites, then you have to transfer to SQ to redeem.