Should I transfer Membership Rewards points to KrisFlyer or Velocity for a Singapore Airlines redemption?


First time poster - I have trip in mind with Singapore Airlines, but short of some miles for the redemption, would it be better to transfer velocity points or AMEX gateway points to Krisflyer to maximize the benefit? or is it worth transferring AMEX gateway to velocity and then to Krisflyer?

Your best choice is to transfer direct from Amex Gateway to Krisflyer (rewards at 1 point = .75 Krisflyer miles).

From Velocity website: “Velocity Frequent Flyer and KrisFlyer members are now able to convert their Points and Miles at a rate of 1.35 to 1.00*, offering greater access to Reward Seats and flight upgrades on one another’s airlines.”

Here’s an example using 100,000 Gateway points:

Amex to Velocity 100,000 x .75 = 75,000 Velocity points.

Then transferring those Velocity to Krisflyer 75,000 / 1.35 = 55,555.

The direct transfer yields 75,000 Krisflyer miles.


great comparison!! is there a benefit of using one than the other? I.e. beneficial to use velocity over AMEX to transfer to Krisflyer and save the other. Is there any promotion comes in for the transfer to save either of them for the future?


Hi ssstar,

I recommended reading this PointHack article. Link. Should be fairly relevant to your question.

In general, Velocity requires more points but have less surcharge. Krisflyer requires less points but have more surcharge.