Should I transfer Flybuys to Velocity points during the current transfer bonus promotion?

hi guys whats the usual conversion rate?
i got an email offering 20% bonus so 2000 points will swap to 870 but i thought that was the usual rate?

Also, does anyone have info about virgin / velocity? Are they alright now and back to normal?

I used up all my points on a robot vacc (bad value I know) when they were going under to cash out.

Thoughts on building up points with them again?

Hey Ollie,

The usual rate is 2,000 Flybuys Points to 870 Velocity Points.
With a 15% bonus, then that becomes 1,000 Velocity Points.
With a 20% bonus, then that becomes 1,044 Velocity Points.

Virgin is still pending sale to Bain, but the airline is restarting portions of its domestic network. If there are any flights you want to take with them (e.g. within your state or interstate where permitted), and there are reward seats or upgrades available, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to transfer.

But if you don’t have any solid plans, best to leave your points in Flybuys for now. There are bound to be more bonus offers down the track.

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Thanks - good advice, i’ll hold for now.