Should I transfer Altitude point to Velocity this month?

I have over 400k points in my Altitude account and I’m earning 3/1.25 ppd on the AMEX/MasterCard at the moment. I’m wondering if it is a good time to transfer to Velocity to take advantage of their 15% bonus until 15May? I hold a Gold status with Qantas, so don’t travel much with Virgin, however I have a trip to the UK planned for next year and would like to fly the family in first class if possible. Do Velocity keep coming up with the bonus offers periodically, or is the current offer as good as it gets?

Hi Sid,

Velocity does have a track record of offering 15% bonus transfer several times a year in 2016 at the very least.

So it is up to you really whether you are determined to go down the track of using Velocity point to redeem flights. Have a play with redeeming a dummy flight and see whether you like the airline, timing, award availability, surcharge (if any) etc. I advise that you do this before transferring as it is generally not possible to transfer from one FF program to another FF program. In Velocity’s case, you can transfer to Krisflyer at 1.35:1 rate.

Appreciate your quick response w-hiew!


Do you know if there is a way to transfer from Altitude to any hotel programs like SPG/Marriott?