Should I redeem 500k Velocity points for Brisbane > London, Rome > Brisbane in Business class for 2 with Etihad?

Hello all,

Im some what more of a points collector than spender. Given my recent redemption of 90000 Velocity points for 2 seats Singapore to Brisbane on Etihad business and loving it. 

I have decided to start researching early for a 6 week trip to Europe next September (2016) and have been looking at availability this year (2015) to gauge some idea surrounding availability and costs.

So far so good in terms of availability, but my question......

For two passengers, is the number of velocity points (500,000) alongside the taxes ($1000) worth it for 2 people in Business Class?   OR

Should I be looking at other alternatives such as buying American Airline miles / transferring Velocity points to Singapore Airlines? And keeping my Velocity points for a better redemption.



The taxes look high... I would say it should be closer to 300-400$ total taxes (you can check taxes using ITA or use eithad guest search for their reward seats and it gives you taxes). As long as you avoid departing London which looks like you are.

Singapore would be less KF points, but higher taxes. If you were going to swap VA points for KF points to do a KF redemption then you'd be looking at the number of VA points being close to VA on EY, but with extra KF taxes.

As for buying AA miles, that's an option, but availability is harder to find... If you have the VA points and can get suitable EY J seats then I think that's an excellent use of VA points.

If you can find the seats, and have the points… do it. Etihad Business Class will be as good as any other option out there, and points are worth nothing unless you redeem. So if you have them, I don’t see any reason to go and buy another points currency just to save some marginal value between the two.