Should I pool Velocity points and Krisflyer into one account or redeem flights separately?

I’ve got 400k velocity rewards over my and my partner’s accounts plus 100k Amex membership rewards in my acct.

Looking to buy return business to Europe with Krisflyer or Velocity for 2 people.

When booking should I transfer all points into 1 Velocity or Krisflyer acct? Or redeem separately? Any tricks/traps to be aware of?

Also if buying tickets for return travel 4 weeks later, should I purchase first leg asap and get 2nd leg later once seats relessed? Or do all together and hope first leg available?


Booking separately has its pros and cons. Some include:


In case if you have to make changes for 1 of you, it would not affect the remaining person’s booking. Singapore airlines award is quite strange so best to not change it once it is booked.


You have to repeat the booking process twice. In some cases, once you redeem 1 seat, the 2nd seat that was there might disappear. Like I said, SQ award repository is a mystery.

Personally, I would prefer to book both from the same acct. You may prefer something else.

For your second question, yes, book the 1st leg 1st if the 2nd leg hasn’t been made available to book yet. No saving in pts for return bookings. However, if you book SQ as return using Krisflyer, you get a free stopover. Otherwise, it is USD150 per passenger per stopover.