Should I pay the credit card surcharge on my new car purchase?

Points against cost?

I am just in the process of purchasing a new car, and
wondering about paying on my ANZ Amex, surchage will be 2% , a total of $960, but I will receive 144000 points. What are they worth to me on flights?

If your talking about Qantas points they could be worth a first class Emirates trip Sydney to Auckland for 108000 points and about 210 in taxes.  That would usually cost about 1700 if you found a sale fare or around 2600  nirmally priced.

Alternatively Sydney to Bangkok in Emirates business would cost you 120000 points and 624 in taxes for a fare that would usually  price  around 3800.  Including your surcharge you would be saving around 2000 in that itinerary.

The points value is of course going to  change depending how you want to use them which is the most important factor.

No they are ANZ points which I can transfer to velocity and would get 72,000 points



72000VFF is more than enough for one way AU east coast to Singapore in business class.

If transferred to Krisflyer, you get 53333 KF miles. More options for Star Alliance airlines. But more surcharge/tax.

960$ for a business class ticket to Singapore is worth it in my books.