Should I include a middle name in a booking with Lifemiles?

Just wondering whether it is possible or necessary to include a middle name in a Lifemiles booking?

Hi @Rcfitch

It probably – almost certainly – won’t be an issue if you don’t include your middle name. To be 100% safe, though, it’s always a good idea to make the booking in exactly the same name as is on your passport, including a middle name. Obviously this is more important for international flights.

If there’s no spot for including your middle name, write both your first and middle names in the field where it asks for your “Given Name” or “First Name”.


The field in the Lifemiles profile gives an error when you try to add a second name. Will probably just need to risk it.

I had to amend our names recently with ANA, apparently first and middle names should not have a space between them if you want to use both.