Should I earn Qatar or Cathay Pacific airline status?


Its my first post and looking for advise from other fellow traveller.

I will be travelling frequently to Asia from Australia and wondering what would be the best frequent flyer program to use in term of getting status and redemption ticket?

I am currently a Gold Privilege with Qatar Airways and Velocity Gold. Looking at the guides on this website, seems Asia Club from Cathay Pacific maybe the best value for money in terms of getting status points and redemption ticket under Oneworld. So im thinking to start using the Asia Club instead of Privilege Club to collect the points. Or any other suggestion which Airline frequent flyer program should I joined?

Thank you in advance.

Depends on what airlines you would be flying and what class of travel. From your suggestions I assume you’ll be flying mainly with OneWorld airlines so I’ll split up my advice based on the big airlines you might be flying with:

  1. Qantas
    They fly to a few places in Asia so if you are flying them, sticking with Qantas Frequent Flyer is most straightforward and earns the best, easiest to maintain status.

  2. Cathay, Japan Airlines
    If flying them, I recommend banking with another program - your suggestions of Cathay’s program or Qatar both are decent. Qantas does not award status credits or points favourably for partners. This is particularly an issue if you frequently fly discount economy/premium economy as they often do not award any status credits/points in Qantas’ program and many other partner programs. British Airways’ Executive Club has been popular as well (but status earning requires you flying on 4 BA flights per year).
    The drawback with both Cathay and Qatar is the lack of lifetime status, if you think you’ll be in it for the long haul. Status benefits are pretty similar to the equivalent tiers with Qantas when travelling with them. However, one thing to note (and might steer you towards Qantas’ program) is that lounge access permissions work slightly differently. When flying Qantas, Qantas Gold can guest in 1 adult and 2 kids under 18, while a partner airline Gold status equivalent can guest in 1 adult only. If you frequently travel with family outside of work, that means the difference of ditching the kids in the airport, or bringing them in with you, saving much family strife!

Thank you for the advise djtech.

Im quite open with the airline alliance but do notice that its easier to get and maintain tier status under Oneworld than Star Alliance. But I could be wrong here :slight_smile:

I have been flying with SQ for the past few trips but it seems getting the status and maintaining is not easy. Hence exploring different options.

Its make sense with Qantas for the longhaul and the lounge benefits which im not aware of for the extra guest especially with family holiday. Something to think about as I also have Qantas frequent flyer bronze.

What options on the Star Alliance do you think would be best value for redemptions and easier to get the Gold status?

Thank you.

If purely flying SQ, crediting to Velocity is not a bad option. It’s not part of the star alliance, but you get MOST of the benefits of a Star Alliance Gold status as a Velocity Gold member when flying SQ (not to mention other star alliance airlines like United and Air Canada that are also partners with Velocity). The only times you might be caught out is if you are flying out of an airport without a Singapore Airlines operated lounge - where you might be stuck with no lounge access that a Star Alliance Gold member would otherwise have access. I like Velocity because of the benefits flying Virgin domestically (again the whole bringing your family into the lounge with you, etc etc), the ease of earning and redeeming Velocity points as an Aussie, and family pooling of status credits which makes earning top tier status much easier.

If you are looking for a purely Star Alliance program, Singapore’s own program or United has been common for Aussies. See if you can get a status challenge with United, which will give you a leg up in earning status. SQ status is harder to earn than other comparable programs, but if you are flying SQ, will be the most hassle free. United’s program is attractive too because the miles you are are generally worth more than other programs. However, no lounge access within the US domestically, that you would get with other statuses.

The technically easiest program to earn status is Asiana - but that airline is about to merge next year with Korean Air, so it’s a big uncertainty right now. Feel free to take a gamble tho!

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thank you for the advise djtech. It seems make more sense to go with Qantas as Oneworld partners to collecting the points.

Again, check that your fare class you usually book will earn points with Qantas beforehand!