Should I earn 15x Flybuys points when booking Emirates flights via Flybuys Travel or book directly with Virgin and Etihad?

Hi all, if anyone can point me in the right direction from a previous post, much appreciated!

I’m flying in to London somewhere around the period of 14-22 July from Sydney and looking to return in the week of 6-12 Aug (somewhat flexible). I currently utilise flybuys and have about 170k of Velocity point banked. Suffice to say I’ve missed the boat to actually use my points for anything meaningful, other than maybe a car hire as I’m heading through from UK to Germany and Italy for a few weeks for a wedding.

It appears that through flybuy Travels, I can at the moment purchase a return flight Sydney-London with Emirates for around $AUD2000 and receive 15x the points for it. So my question is, would this be a better option than paying around the same price for a Virgin ticket and subsequent Velocity points, or Etihad for a cheaper fare + Etihad Guest Miles?

30,000 flybuys points is worth 13,050 velocity points, say around $200 worth. Flybuys travel has return flights to LHR with Thai (24 hours each way) during your dates for $1280 which seems like better value than $2000 with Emirates with the 30,000 flybuys bonus

Awesome, thanks for the info!