Should I credit Turkish Airlines flights to my Krisflyer account or a new Turkish Airlines account?

I’m going to be doing about 4 flights with turkish airlines next august. I’m wondering if it’s better to sign up with Turkish or just use my krisflyer account to earn max. miles?
Note that Krisflyer members earn 25% miles on V class with Turkish which most of the flights will probably be on…

I ask myself the following questions when deciding where to credit my flights:

  1. What program is most valuable to me in terms of my loyalty (this can be status, high points balance, etc)?
  2. Which program will give me the most access to flights I want to redeem? (i.e. if you want to go to New Zealand, it is probably unwise to credit to Delta Airlines for example)
  3. What program am I closest to achieving my goals? (if you want to travel to Europe, and you are only a thousand points off on one program, why would you not top it up even if it means that you earn ‘less points’ than crediting to another program?)
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