Should I credit Thai Airways flights to Royal Orchid or Krisflyer?

About to start using TG a fair bit….Had some Royal Orchid points that expired….based on reviews of ROC program, wondering if better to assign TG flight to KrisFlyer account rather than Royal and in doing so, creating ability to transfer those new points to my Velocity (which is my main frequent flyer program).

You will have to work out how much use you can get out of the Royal Orchid program. Without immersing myself into finding out myself, I’d suggest crediting to Krisflyer instead. Also depends if you are chasing status or mainly accumulating points.

If you are considering doing so just to salvage minimal points in Royal Orchid, it’s probably not very worthwhile. You could find out what you could logically use with the Royal Orchid points. E.g. if you are 80% there towards a redemption that you could potentially use, I would consider building up the points to 100% and emptying the account. If you only have 5-10% of a potential redemption, I’d probably focus on Krisflyer.

An analogy I can think of is similar to foreign currency. No point committing to a XXX currency just because you have AUD20 worth of XXX currency when you aren’t planning to visit XXX country in the near future.

Great points. Thanks for the advice. Love PHacks!