Should I convert my Westpac Altitude points to Krisflyer via Velocity (transfer bonus)?

Would appreciate if someone can confirm my sums

I have 54,500 Altitude points which convert to 21,800 Krisflyer OR 27,350 Velocity

Shall I convert to Velocity with the bonus 15% (being 31,452)
Which then convert to Krissflyer at 85% getting 26,734

So the bottom line being an extra 5000 krisflyer points if i do the double conversion?

This of course needs to be done before the end of November for the bonus offers and then end of the year before the devaluation of Altitude to Krisflyer

Many thanks

Hi Chrisitne,

I’m afraid that the current 15% bonus does not apply to Altitude points, as today’s Point Hacks update explains.

I’m also afraid that the Velocity-to-KrisFlyer transfer rate is not 85% – it’s closer to 74% and will reduce even further as of January 1.

Putting that all together, your 54,500 Altitude points will currently convert to 21,800 KrisFlyer points directly, or 20,165 KrisFlyer points if you transfer them via Velocity.

Sorry to be the bearer of not-as-good-as-expected news. And make sure you do the transfer before November 9!