Should I convert my Virgin Velocity points to Krisflyer miles for international flight redemptions?

I have a bit over 1,000,000 Virgin points and I’m planning a trip to Scandinavia in August 2020 and I see the conversion rate will reduce after 1st January 2019 so I’m planning to convert to Kris Flyer.

I don’t use my Virgin points as my domestic flights are for business purposes. If i fly international, I find the conversion rate for the Business sale would be too low. Do people agree with this strategy?

So my questions:

  1. Convert them all of leave some in Virgin?
  2. Convert all in my name of in me and my wife’s name?



Hi Bryan,

I’m not sure what you mean by “I find the conversion rate for the Business sale would be too low”, but in general terms it’s a perfectly sound strategy to convert your Velocity points to KrisFlyer before Jan 1. I’m planning to do the same myself. Given you don’t use your Velocity points to fly domestically, the only reason to keep some Velocity points would be if you wish to use the points internationally on routes that Singapore Air doesn’t fly (eg. direct to USA or Hong Kong).

Be aware, though, that KrisFlyer points will expire after 3 years if you haven’t used them. If you think there’s a chance that you won’t use your points within 3 years, it’s safest to keep them in Velocity.

My personal view is that it’s best to keep all the points in my name and use them to pay for flights for my wife and me. I know of no option to transfer points to a family member once they’re in KrisFlyer.

Hi and thanks for your response.

Well a Qantas business class to Johannesburg in Aug’19 is $2,751 or 391,000 points so I reckon the conversion rate is too low.