Should I combined both my partner and my Qantas point balance?

My partner and I have enough Qantas FF points for 2x Around The World tickets.

We have 374,000 in one account and 191,000 in the other.

When we go to book, should we have all the points in one name or move some from the bigger account to the other one so they both have the required number of points?

Or does it not matter and we can ‘pay’ using a combination of both accounts when we book?


Hi AstroBBoy,

Personally, I would suggest transferring the points to the account with the higher Qantas status. It is easier to book more than 1 seat from the same account. Not so much a major benefit but just easier to manage. Otherwise, you may have left over points in one and still require to be transferred to do anything useful with the points.

If there is a need in the future, you could always transfer the points back.

Thanks Warren