Should I cancel my Krisflyer NRT - LAX July reward booking now and accept the fees?

Hi all

I have a Krisflyer booking for 2 Economy reward seats on Singapore Airlines, flying July 28th from Tokyo Narita - LAX. These are part of a big trip from Aus to UK via Japan and the USA. We have had to postpone the whole trip for obvious reasons, but we don’t know when we will be going instead.

I have contacted Krisflyer about cancelling the tickets, and they’ve said they can refund the points and taxes but have to charge us 150 USD for the pleasure (significantly more than the taxes in the first place!). I know it isn’t much, but I find this particularly unfair when obviously I wish I was still going and wouldn’t be cancelling unless I had to! Any tips? Should I wait to see if the travel danger period gets extended, even though I already know I can’t go?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @carolineh

Definitely wait and see. Unless you need the points urgently, keep them where they are – if, tragically, we’re still in the midst of this come July, I have no doubt that Singapore Airlines will waive their cancellation and refund charges, as they have done for flights over the next couple of months.

The worst that can happen is that you’ll have to pay the USD 150 anyway. And in any case, the AUD is really low at the moment so it’s probably also worth waiting to see if it goes up a bit over the next couple of months, which would also save you a bit of money.

Thanks @sixtyeight, I’ll wait and see. Appreciate your help!