Should I buy tickets or use Velocity points for Perth to Melbourne trip?

Hi guys.

Just want ur advice on this.
I have got 21k velocity points and i’ll be getting about 25k more from flying in next 2-3 months.
I have to make 3 trips from Perth to Melb. this yr.
The 21k velocity points will give me 1 free ticket from perth to melb. for 1 of my 3 trips.
Should i buy tickets for all 3 trips and collect points from all these to get more points and redeem them later ?

Hipe to c ur reply soon guys.


There is no straight answer to your question, sometimes it’s best to pay and earn points whilst other times it’s better to use your points.

If you know well in advance the dates you need to travel, you can often score very cheap flights during sales, so using say 18000 points for a $150 flight is not good points value because you are only getting 0.83 of one cent per point. If however you would have to pay $425 for the same flight then your points are worth 2.36 cents each (3 times the value). Another example is business class flights which cost $2,000 west to east coast which can be booked for 36,000 points making your your point value 5.55 cents…excellent point value.

Sometimes it’s best to accumulate points which allows greater flexibility for their redemption. Hope that is of some help.