Should I book return flight from Australia or overseas for better price?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am totally confused in terms of booking one way flight or return.

The story is that :

During 2012 till 2014 I was living in Australia, whenever I wanted to visit my homeland back in Iran I was always booking a return flight from Iran, I mean Tehran (IKA) to Brisbane (BNE) and then Brisbane to Tehran (I did that by one-off one way flight from BNE to Tehran and then I was always booking flight with departure from Iran. Yes , I might need to change the date of BNE to IKA for my next holiday but the fee was not so high (something between $50 to $100).

I was doing all that since the return flight from Australia was always over $2000 but the same flight from Iran I was able to book with even sometimes $800 less.

BTW, from 2014 till now I live in Iran, now that I wanna come back to OZ after a while , I am totally confused as sometimes the return flight from OZ was cheaper! and as before for some other dates was more expensive.

Did something happened during the years I was absent in OZ? What do you suggest guys as I have two options:

1- book one way flight from IKA to BNE and then whenever I wanna visit family I book a return flight from OZ.

2- book return flight from Iran , and possibly change the date of flight from BNE to IKA later on.

My main question:

Does the return flight from OZ to Middle East (Iran) is more expensive than same flight on the same date from Middle East to OZ ? (myself couldn’t find a correlation for this, there was a correlation back in 2012 as I mentioned though.)

Thank you for your time and consideration guys. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


I would suggest comparing on websites like Google Flights or Skyscanner. Also take into account the cost to make changes to your flights. Usually you have to pay the fare difference too on top of change fees.

Any other frequent flyer professional has any kind of advice for me?