Should I book 2 one-way flights or 1 return flight?

Hi all,

I am travelling from Mel to Lax in May of next year and looking to secure 5x classic rewards economy tickets.

I am hoping to travel on the 17th May till 18th June 2023 and wondering due to the limited availability of Qantas Classic rewards tickets whether i should secure the Mel to LA leg now and then wait for the return leg to become available to book.

The alternate option is to wait approximately a month and book the entire return leg at once. My concern is that in doing so the first leg might sell out.

Interested to get some advice and opinions especially in a post covid world.

You might as well book it now given changes and cancellations are currently free. Simply add the return flight to your booking next month or cancel it if the return flight does not become available.

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