Should I be targeting to get velocity points or qantas points?

Hi guys.

I want to ask i have gold status with velocity and bronze with qantas.
Should i be targeting to collect qantas points or velocity points ?
My main chunk of points comes from bonus credit card points offers…


Hassan,  at times I feel your questions should be more specific so you will get better answers.  You’re asking a very broad question.  What airline alliance you follow depends on a number of things which you haven’t stated

  • How much you fly with one particular alliance
  • do you do company travel and do they prefer particular alliance
  • where you would like to go with redeemed flights  (noting qantas has a far better international network than virgin)

Hi Mark.

Thanks 4 ur reply. I do fly Virgin more often as it is cheaper. I fly domestically about 2-3 times interstate Per- Syd or Melb. I don’t do company travel. i would like to go to UK , Europe with redeemed flights preferably business or first class.

The reason i asked this question is, does it make any difference if i am a velocity gold member, to find award seats or it doesn’t ? I have got more Qantas points and that is all through bonus credit card offers plus some spending as well.

Some people say that they have got 3-4 cards and they use 1 for fuel, 1 for grocery, 1 for flights and 1 for other everyday purchases. In this, they get about 4 points/ $  for some purchases and 2points/$ for some.

How does that thing work ? How can i figure out that which cards i should go for in order to maximise my point collection ( Qantas points i am talking about),  by buying just normal everyday purchases.

Hope to see ur reply soon.