Should I be expecting taxes and point refunded from partial cancellation of reward booking?

Hi all,

Hoping to seek some insight into the policy for refund of taxes and fees of Qantas classic rewards bookings that are cancelled.

I had booked a return MEL- SIN classic reward booking in Business, but my plans changed last minute and I had to cancel the outbound leg of the trip as I could not change it to a suitable time. I called up, cancelled the outbound leg and was told that I would be refunded points and taxes/charges for that one leg cancelled - points arrived the day after, was told to expect the taxes/charges refund within 4 weeks.

I then flew the return leg back to Melbourne with no issue. After 4 weeks, still no refund of taxes, I called Qantas customer service again and they informed that they’ll expedite the refund to be expected in 5 business days.

I waited 2 weeks and finally decided to call again. This time I was informed that Qantas policy is to not refund taxes and charges if one leg is flown on the itinerary?? As such, no refund would be processed, contrary to what I had been told from the beginning.

I can’t find any information on this ‘policy’ online, does anyone know if this is accurate? Considering what to do from here.

Hi @SM18 ,


It is correct that the policy is to refuse a refund if a flight has been taken on an itinerary.

I believe you may have been a victim of the earlier cancellation request not done properly.

You may have to escalate the case to a supervisor and quote the dates/times of your calls.

Changing the first flight is trickier as it changes the origin country and currency. However, this isn’t exactly your fault as the agent or system is supposed to make/allow that change if they say it can be done.

Let us know how you go. Dealing with Qantas can be frustrating when things doesn’t go as planned. Lots of patience required.


Thanks for the reply!

Yes indeed frustrating the lack of clarity and transparency on this, especially with conflicting information.

Points activity shows the entire booking points being cancelled and refunded and then the return leg points deducted, which would suggest a cancellation and rebooking of the single leg home which is what I had discussed at the time of making the initial changes.

Will escalate to a supervisor and go from there!