Should I be consolidating my rewards points?

I’ve recently opened a Velocity account and started earning points from fuel purchases. I got an email about this billion point giveaway thing where they are offering bonuses for transfers from other programs and I’m trying to do the math to figure out if it’s worth it.

I have 38,240 in American Express which will transfer at 4 to 3 plus a 15% bonus makes 29566 Velocity points. I also have 239,600 Commonwealth Bank Diamond points which will give me 137770 Velocity points.

Basically I have no idea if my points are worth more to me staying where they are or if I should consolidate them.

It totally depends on what you intend using your points for. In my case I wait until these offers come along and then transfer the whole bundle over to Velocity because I use them primarily for west coast to east coast flights and Virgin have plentiful reward seats available. That however, might not be what you want points for.

You need to have a goal to ensure you get the best value from any reward points. As this website will attest, one of the best uses of points is redemption for business class flights so many people will accrue their points with that goal in mind. Decide what you intend doing with your points and choose from there. You have a month to decide :slight_smile:

I try to keep my points in a flexible programme unless I have a specific redemption in mind or there is an extraordinary transfer offer. The Virgin bonus wouldn’t be enough for me