Should I be concerned about financial conditions of Etihad Airways as a Etihad miles holder?

I’ve read reports recently casting doubts about Etihad’s financial future. Should i be worried about the points that I have with Etihad guest? I have read that a merger is possible between Etihad and Emirates. What normally happens to FF programs when airlines merge? I was planning on using my points in 2020 but I’m considering whether its worth using them during 2019.

If you are particularly worried about their frequent flyer program, you really shouldn’t. The most they could do is devalue your points. However, that risk is associated with every frequent flyer program. Furthermore, they usually give some form of notice for this. My advice for you is the same for every frequent flyer program no matter the airline: DON’T HOARD YOUR POINTS. When you see a flight you want to get, use your points (As long as it’s decent value).