Should I be booking with Virgin or Singapore Airlines to optimise status credits?

Seeking some advice - my 10yo and I will be flying to Tokyo next year and we will be flying with Virgin and SIA; question is should I book with Virgin or SIA? I am Velocity Gold but my recent redemptions have been with SIA for international travel. If I book with SIA and attribute points and SCs back to Velocity to aim for platinum,do I receive the same amount of SCs (compared to if I had booked with Virgin)? Cheers

Hi ikslee,

This is the web page that will give you all the answers to your questions. You’ll need to have your booking and fare class handy to see exactly how many points and SC’s you’ll earn.

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The award chart for status credits is the same for Virgin and Singapore flights which means you would earn the same amount of status credits if flying the exact same distance on both airlines.