Should I be booking the first legs of a Qantas RTW itinerary before the rest becomes available on the calendar?

Needing to book part of itinerary on days flights become available (eg Qantas 353 days ahead for SYD/DOH) how to book next part of itinerary which might be 4 weeks away, so can’t book for 4 weeks. Do I need to book SYD/DOH as soon as I can and book subsequent flight as a change to itinerary by contacting Qantas and paying 5,000 points? Any thoughts ?

Hi Mikeglebe, that’s generally the gist of it if you don’t want to lose those initial legs. In this current climate, that’s a near-100% certainty. Qantas is currently waiving change fees on Classic Flight Rewards a bit longer, so you can escape the 5,000 point penalty for now.

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Thank you. I understand reward seats may be added later by airlines but without a timetable, it would seem pot luck getting those seats