Short of small amount of Krisflyer points - What are some ways to boost it?

Hi all,

New to Point Hacks and have a question regarding the transfer of KrisFlyer points to Velocity. I understand that there is a minimum of 5000 points to transfer and I’m short by 53 points. Can I please have advice on the best way that I can transfer these points as I want to build up my Velocity points for an upcoming trip.

I believe I should be able to transfer 5000 Velocity points which equates to 3704 KrisFlyer points giving me a total of 8651 points and then transfer these back to Velocity for 6408 points. This is probably not the best option as I’m obviously losing points on both transfers. Any other suggestions or would I be best to leave them there for now as they were earned in February this year and shouldn’t expire until February 2020.


Leave them there for now.

Top up your Krisflyer points by using their shopping portal to earn extra points next time you use eBay or something like that.

Perfect - thanks for the link!