Rookie Alert - Which Frequent Flyer Program is best if used mainly between Norway and Australia?


I’m new to this and am looking to maximise any rewards I can accrue as I will be travelling to Norway every year and travel 4-5 time a year domestically with Virgin. I currently don’t have a credit card but have the income to get most credit cards if it will benefit me in terms of points.

I recently flew from Brisbane to India, the from India to Norway, then Back from Norway to Singapore, Singapore to Bali, Bali to Cairns. I just signed up to Kris Flyer and accrued points on my return from Norway to Singapore, Bali and Cairns.

My question is:

  • Which is the best FF program for me based on what's mentioned above?
  • What credit card I should get to maximise the points I earn?
  • Since Singapore Airlines doesn't operate it's own flights to Norway, would I be better off with Lufthansa's program or can I transfer miles between star Alliance partners. It doesn't look like Singapore let's me book reward seats on flights it doesn't operate.
Cheers, Sam

Hi Sam,

If you like to make Krisflyer your primary FF membership (great choice BTW), in Australia, you would most likely have to go for a Virgin Velocity linked CC or flexible point CC.

Check out Active Deals and Credit Card section on PH for Velocity points offer and best deals.

Velocity and Krisflyer has a partnership where transfers either way goes 1.35 points for 1 point in the target membership. (i.e. 135 points from Velocity to 100 points in Krisflyer, vice versa). Transfer are pretty much ‘instantaneous’. Can transfer when booking if you are quick/savvy with the website access.

A CC that has flexible points allows you to converted to Krisflyer points or other participating airline loyalty program.

If you are a PH member (free to join), there is a Master CCard table that summarises the point earning capabilities, annual fee, etc. of different cards too. Obviously, the higher the annual fee, the higher the point earning capability and/or benefits. You have to find one that best suit your needs yourself.

Krisflyer award booking is not the most user-friendly online. It shows only SIA flights and maybe some direct airline partner’s flights. You have to use websites like United Airlines (Star Alliance) to do your research on availabilities then ring up Krisflyer helpline to make the award booking.

For your non Star Alliance or non-Krisflyer claimable flights, find out what loyalty program those flights qualify for and join the one that gives you the best benefit.

G luck.