Reward booking with Qantas - how to check for availability?

Hi ,

I am new to this community but after reading all about it . It seems simple but when i tried to actually applied it obviously its not.

I am tentatively trying to make reward booking from Sydney to Boston and Paris to Sydney return.

I used the Qantas website as suggested with multi-destination not around the world in planning.

when it got to the payment it requested cash or point and pay. I looked at it and for this itinerary it will cost me a million points. Is this right ? at all. Somehow, its not what this website said about booking for long haul flights business.

Can anyone help .


Hi Dan

Are you searching for classic flight rewards? In order to do this you need to click on the “Search Classic Flight Rewards” box before you submit your search in the Qantas page.    It should be located just under where you select your flights and number of passengers on the multi city page.

Hope this helps