Reward booking point cost quote seems high - Am I doing this right?


New to the scene, and was doing a bit of digging around, looking at what the best ‘value’ for my small amount of points, and wondered if boosting the points would be beneficial.

I have both QFF and Alaska FF programs. So I thought I would look at First Class to Montreal from Melbourne for a laugh.

Qantas has this trip at 490K FF points (for one person return), so basically 1M points for the wife and I, and part of the trip London to Montreal is in Business Class, but here is the crazy bit.

Alaska has the price listed at 70K points using Qantas per person per segment. So if I am doing this right, I could book the same flight, on the same airline, but using the Alaska FF points and get it all for 280K FF points for both my wife and I.

Is this correct or what the hell am I doing wrong?


Hi OzDude,

I tried having a play on the Qantas website link and yes, it seems like you are correct. However, since the shorter leg from London to Montreal is in business, it might be worthwhile to try flying into other airports in Canada and buying a separate domestic ticket.

Wrt your comment about Alaska Miles being much cheaper, that is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to have different ff points at your disposal as there are different sweet spots on different ff program point/mile charts.

You can also consider buying Alaska miles if you think you have better use of your QF points.

Redeeming for more than 1 person is always much more challenging and costly.