Require 175 QF Status Credits required by Feb 2018 - any suggestions?

Hi there,

I need to earn 175 QF status credits by 28 Feb, 2018 to obtain Platinum. I will be doing a lot of international business class flying from March 2018 onward so Platinum status means a lot more points earning to use on my personal trips and more availability to book them.

I will need to fly ex MEL or SYD and will only be doing a status run so the less fly time the better. I am thinking JQ to asia with a package add on is the most cost effective/ time economical way but would love to know if there are any other ideas out there?

Also, it’s been a very long time since i have received a ‘book this week and we will double your status credits’ email. Does anyone know the frequency of these or when they are likely to come out? I have everything crossed I get one soon.


Re: Double Status Credit promotions - I’ve only seen 1 this year. Don’t hold your breath for another one before Feb 2018. Best to check out the AustralianFrequentFlyer forums to keep on top of when they happen.

Re: 175SC - I would recommend picking up the 75SC credit card from ANZ ( and then doing a 100SC flight.

For the 100SC flight I’d be going for MEL>OOL return in J ($1400 for 120SC). You can spend a weekend on the Gold Coast for a little getaway as an added bonus.