Redeeming award seats on Virgin Australia or Singapore Airlines from the US to Sydney?

Hi All,

I am looking to travel business class with my wife using Velocity points from the US to Sydney in April/May 2018. My options are:

Los Angeles > Sydney (direct)
San Francisco > Sydney (stop over in Singapore)

With the limited number of Virgin award seats available direct from L.A to Sydney, would I be better off converting to KrisFlyer miles and experiencing the Singapore Airlines business class A350 product with a stop over for a few days in Singapore?

Or should i try my luck for the direct flight with Virgin Aus?


I think you have pretty much answered your own question.

Ideally, flying direct would be more popular. However, availability on Virgin Australia would be usually quite restrictive. I would probably try my luck by booking on the day the tickets are released. However, Krisflyer usually have much better award availabilities. Albeit costing more points and travel time.

So in summary, try for Velocity and you have Krisflyer as a backup anyway.