Reaching Platinum Status while overseas - how do I get First lounge access?

I’ve a work trip next week (Emirates to Dubai / Doha) which will get me to within 65 status credits of Qantas Platinum. Two weeks later I have a family holiday to Europe flying Qantas / Emirates from Sydney to Nice via Dubai. I will reach Platinum on either the first or second leg of the outbound flights.

I’m returning three weeks later London to Sydney with Qantas. I’d really like to get access to the First Lounge in London but I’ll only have my Gold card with me. Has anyone any advice?

If I called Qantas would they issue my Platinum card in advance (meaning I could use the First Lounge in Sydney)?

Good question! I haven’t experienced this problem myself but the conventional advice is to ensure you do two things, assuming the status credits hit your account in time for your return trip (it sounds like they should).

  1. Ensure your FF# is in any booking you want to try and get access on - any staff member who accesses your PNR should see your actual status reflected in your booking, and it should be printed on your boarding passes (which should do the trick for access)
  2. Take a print out of your Qantas summary page showing your Platinum status as well for a back up

Hope it works out for you! Enjoy Platinum.

The card really doesn’t matter, as long as you have the status linked to your QFF number you’re good to go. You can also download the Qantas app which shows your status so you could show this at the gate I’m sure.