Questions regarding Velocity Frequent Flyer and Krisflyer - earning points and status

Hi all,

Just a few questions regarding earning points and status if we’re planning to:
-Fly international with SQ (using Business Rewards seats where possible)
-Fly domestic with VA (paid)


  1. Does VA status hold any value for SQ flights (booked through SQ/KF points)?
  2. Is it possible to earn KF status through VA domestic flights?


  1. For the domestic VA flights - is it better to earn KF miles directly? (ie book through SQ website - better earning) or better to just book via VA and transfer points over?


  1. No. Velocity doesn’t discriminate award space availability based on status. So a Red member would have the same amount of access to award space as Golds. Also, when booking SQ awards, a vast majority of business awards are only available on Krisflyer (their own program). In that case, your status wouldn’t matter there anyhow and you’d have to transfer your velocity points to the KF program at a not very favourable 1.55:1 ratio.

  2. You can technically earn Krisflyer status through flying on Virgin Australia domestic flights but that would have to be a Singapore Air codeshare meaning that you would have to connect on to or off a Singapore Air flight anyways. So that wouldn’t work if you were purely hopping between Melbourne and Sydney for example.


  1. Not sure what you mean by this but I assume you are asking if you should earn your points with KF or Velocity. If your goal is not for status, crediting to Krisflyer could be worth it. Note though that they expire in 3 years whereas Velocity has no set expiry date as long as you have activity. Given your redemption goals, having KF miles would make redeeming Singapore Air flights, especially in Business, not to mention their Star Alliance partners, much easier. However, if you are looking for status when you fly domestically within Australia, and redeeming for Virgin Australia flights, it will be a more attractive program with the potential to redeem for Singapore Airlines business.

TLDR: KF purely for SQ and *A with VA as fallback; VA for status and VA redemptions with SQ fallback

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