QFF Emirates A380 Business Class to Melbourne - > London

Gday to the Pointhacks community!  I’ve been lurking around the website for a couple of months and I can say I’m hooked on the whole points game.

Anyway, I’m currently sitting on 150k QFF points and 90K Velocity Points.  I’m hoping to earn enough to get my gf and I return business class tickets on board A380’s in Emirates/Etihad.

My question is why can’t I find any flights onboard the Emirates A380 from Melbourne to London and why are Qantas A380 flights also so scarce?

Virgin seems to have so much more availability on Etihad.

Hi Dave, it’s indeed rather hard to find seat availability on this route, I just had a quick look at some dates next year. I couldn’t see any Emirates flights but did see some in QF and Cathay Pacific 220k + fees for 1 person with partial economy. I think you will have to get a little creative and try different connections/hubs so split up your journey with a stopover. As far as I know it’s always hard to find the right flights with QF and they are gone fast. Any reason you are set on Emirates? Why not go Cathay to Hong Kong or something or try looking for MEL-SIN or MEL-BKK.

It always pays to call up Qantas and see if they have anything that might not be coming up on-line. I had a quick look and found some flights with Qantas to SIN (120k + fees)and then on to London with BA on their A380 (192k + fees) this is all return and I was looking in May 2016.

What dates in particular are you looking at? Time to sign up for all those Qantas point bonus offer credit cards :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Ataraxis, Thanks for your reply!

Being the complete newbie I am to all this, when you mentioned the Singapore - London journey on BA, it opened up a whole way of thinking/researching.  I actually had no idea I could search Qantas’ partner airlines with just a tick of that checkbox in the top right corner (I completely overlooked that).

I’ve also been reading up (thanks Pointhacks for the informative articles!) and it’s opened my eyes to the other programs like Krisflyer and SPG which I’m led to I should redirect my efforts towards and away from Qantas.

We have alot of petrol expenses here at work so I put as much through my DJ’s Amex card (currently clocking up QFF but will swap to SPG with aim to convert to Krisflyer) and head to BP for the velocity points.  I just hope I can get some good use of the QFF points I have.

I realise this has completely gone off on a tangent from the OP but I just didn’t realise how little I know.