QF73 SYD-SFO on 17/08/22 is cancelled. What's going on?

Just got an email notification QF73 SYD-SFO (evening flight) has been cancelled for our flight on 17/8/22.
They have changed us to QF11 SYD-LAX (morning flight).
It has created absolute chaos for us as we were flying into Sydney from Adelaide in the early afternoon with Virgin.
Furthermore, there’s nil info provided by Qantas as to any connecting flight to SFO.
Shouldn’t they be expected to ensure we get to our destination and not just “dump” in another city?
We’re on the phone now but who knows how long that’s going to take!

Out of interest, did they change it to SYD-LAX-SFO (i.e. put you on a domestic flight)?

No. Flight terminates in LAX, nil domestic flight LAX-SFO is included.
Have to ring again tonight as I couldn’t spend hours on hold.


Contacted Qantas. After a little discussion, they added a flight from LAX-SFO with Alaska at no extra charge. We land in LAX at 0700hrs, flight with Alaska is 1000hrs. Should give us enough time.

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Hopefully your separate connection from Adelaide works out!

Glad it’s all settle for now. Still plenty of unknowns with flights post-covid.