Qantas vs Japan Airlines vs British Airways - which has better seats for a very tall person in long haul?

Hi - we are a family of 4 and will be using all out points for a round the world trip.

Does anyone have any experience with Qantas vs Japan Airlines (JAL) vs British Airways (BA) in terms of seat size, comfort etc?

We are flying via Tokyo so have thrown Japan Airlines into the mix.

Or is one cheaper than the other re taxes. I know British Airways can be expensive in taxes to leave the UK

Who would you prefer to fly with long haul?


What class are you thinking of travelling ?

Which route you are considering is also a factor.

Check out for looking up seat pitches, types, etc. is a quick tool you can use too.

In terms of the seat comfort, JAL install fewer seats especially on-board their 787 dreamliners which serve Australia than is the industry standard. JAL go 8 seats across in economy when the standard is 9, so each seat will definitely be a fair bit roomier.