Qantas/Virgin status runs - still possible to get value for money?

Hello everyone,

I've read on various frequent flyer forums about status runs - i.e. reasonably valued domestic and international trips that help bump you up up a status tier or two and thus receiving extra benefits from Silver/Gold/Platinum status.

However, it looks like many of the loopholes once open on Qantas and Virgin have since been closed with changes to the frequent flyer system in the last couple of years. I thought I'd ask and see if anyone knew of any good deals still available to bump up your status credits, and any strategies to find value-for-money deals.


There are still some, depends where you are.... if you only want domestic then not cheap, a good one is MEL-SYD-OOL r/t

If in USA there are some good AA YUPP (First) runs

If in Asia MH and CX have some decent fares...

Really need more details on how many SC you have, what level you want to get to and if you are heading to, or prepared to position to USA/Asia etc..

agree more opportunities in the USA. i use the flyertalk premium fare deals thread to look for good biz fares using ONEWORLD airlines, then credit status to QF

The problem is most of us can't go to USA just for status run. For anything close to home, QF flights maybe a quick and relative cheap run. Business class to AKL can be had for just over $1000 return and you earn 160 sc. I would pick Emirate operated but QF coded flights to get the best of both world. That is 1.6 sc per $10. Compare to a domestic BNE/SYD/MEL run on economy sale fare, which earns 10 sc one way, you need to have a fare as low as $60 to beat that.

If you need more sc in a short period of time, you can always fly First class for $2500 and get 240sc. Not as good on the sc per dollar though.

Or you can try Jetstar OOL-NRT business max, during sales you should be able to pick it up for $800 one way and pick up 120 sc. That's 1.5 sc per $10.

These options may not be that good compare to the good ole days, but for people who is a bit constraint with time.

For anything abroad, the other good choice is Sri Lankan. They usually offer cheap business class fares. Only problem is, you need to go to Sri Lanka.

For Virgin, the best way is family pooling. One premium economy rt to LAX for a couple on PE, should get you  480 sc which is almost gold. If You have kids, then a typical family of 4 will get you 960 which is almost platinum! Watch out for those happy hour deals. Recently they just did PE rt at $1999.