Qantas upgrade request error out. Can anyone help?

Hi there, I’m trying to upgrade my QANTAS domestic flight from economy to business and every time I try I get the error message “We’re experiencing some problems, We’re working on fixing this, please try again now or come back later”

I’ve tried different computers, phones, logging in and out, but I can’t seem to get around it.

Does anyone have a fix for this that doesn’t involving me calling QANTAS and being on hold for 12 hours? Cheers!

Do you know if there might be anything wrong with your flight booking? Not ticketed correctly, outstanding payment for seat fees or anything that might cause an error?

When you ‘Manage Booking’, are the change/cancel buttons greyed out or active?

Not that I’m aware of, I’ve paid for the flights, got the confirmation email, booking is showing as active in the app and in manage bookings.

The change/cancel buttons are active on the manage booking tab.