Qantas support staff can’t see the classic reward seats I can see

Hi, my husband and I have booked a RTW reward ticket for Mar/Apr next year.

Pretty happy with our flights except we now want to change one leg’s destination. We checked via the Qantas ff multi city search tool to see if there were any available reward seats to the new destination we want and there was, called Qantas to make the change, and they tell us they can’t see the available reward seat. How is it that we can see the.available ff reward seat but they can’t?

Hi @humma5

Well done with booking the RTW ticket!

My initial response to your post is that there are probably two possibilities:

  1. Some unfortunate computer/IT glitch on Qantas’ part.

  2. The Qantas customer service agent was lying to you.

Forgive my cynicism, but probably either of the two are equally possible. My advice would be to call Qantas again (maybe at a different time of day) to see if you get the same response.

Before you call, check that the flights are still there on the Qantas website, and you could also check another Oneworld airline’s website (such as British Airways) to see if that airline has the seats available.

Please let us know how you go!

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