Qantas status credits voided on first day of membership year. Is this normal?

Hey everyone,

I delayed a recent trip a couple of days so that it would take place in my new membership year (ends 31 May, I traveled 01 June), and the Status Credits would go towards retaining Gold for another year… Before boarding my flights, my QFF app showed that my balance had reset to zero, ready for the new year. Unfortunately it looks like the Status Credits were added and then voided as if they had occurred in the previous year.

Not sure if I’ve been caught out by some technicality here, but it seems a bit misleading that the app would show a balance of zero.

I’ve already sent an inquiry to QFF, but don’t exactly expect a prompt answer. Is there anything else I can do here, or am I just out of luck?

It all comes down to the AA1915 and QF008 flights being coded as 31 May 2022. So those Status Credits were technically earned in your last membership year, and are voided straight away.

Did you actually fly those flights on 31 May or 1 June in local time? It may come down to time zone differences.

Thanks Brandon.

They were flown on 31 May local, 01 June in Australia. I had expected the date to be seen as 01 June, since that is what my QFF account was telling me was happening.

I now understand I’m S.O.L in this case and needed to wait an additional day, just immensely irritated that the QFF system (both online and mobile) was telling me otherwise.