Qantas RTW booking online and adding flight over the phone

I am hoping someone else has had this experience.

We are booking RTW Qantas FF Classic Reward I can see and book all segments (get to pay screen) but if I try to add the last segment (return to SYD) the system crashes.


1.Has anyone had issue where you can book and get to pay screen on the 5 stops but adding the return you get an error.

2.Has anyone booked what you could online and add the last flight over the phone? I called today they said it was not possible to add to a confirmed booking, it would be a new booking? So not included under the RTW. Which doesn’t seem right?

Thank you for your help.

You could certainly book the first five legs online and then call up to add the 6th - that’s considered a booking change with a 5,000-point penalty (though this is currently waived). It’s a lot more extra work though. Could you call up to book all 6 legs at once?

The potential issue is if the Kuala Lumpur-Sydney leg is ‘phantom’ availability, which means it shows but isn’t really available. Check via the British Airways Executive Club website to see if you can see the Malaysia Airlines seats are there too.

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Thank you for your reply Brandon.

When I called today they were not able to see the flight I could book BKK-MEX even upon checking alternate dates. They recommended booking via online if I could.

I am happy to book what I can online, the issue is that they also said that I could not add that last segment via the phone if I booked online, that it would be a complete new booking for the last segment. Do you have any experience if this is the case?

I believe that’s incorrect. Once your online booking is paid and ticketed, you should be able to call up and add the extra leg as a ‘booking change’. Numerous readers have done that before when booking a RTW trip and certain future flights aren’t available yet.

I thought that it did not sound correct, having read posts of other people adding flights at later dates.

I have booked all I can online and will try my luck again with getting the last segment booked via phone. Its not a necessity for me to have the return more just a nice to.

I will update my outcome once I call them again.