Qantas points upgrades: Does a cash paying flight have priority over reward points only flight?

If I paid cash for economy (not flex economy) on an international flight, would I have priority over someone with classic rewards premium economy flight and platinum status for a qantas rewards points upgrade?

If not, was it the platinum status or premium economy (or both) affecting my chances for upgrade priority?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


This comprehensive Point Hacks Guide will tell you everything we know about how Qantas points upgrades work. Scroll down to the subheading “Wait List Rules” and read from there. It’s complex, but my reading is that status is what’s of most importance for international upgrades; but if two people with the same status both request an upgrade, the person who’s paid for the ticket (as opposed to the person whose ticket is a classic flight award) is more likely to get the upgrade.

Thank you, will do some reading - but feel you’ve definitely answered my question :+1: