Qantas points needed for RTW redemption seems too high - any suggestions?

Hi guys,

Thanks for this amazing site. I’m new to this. 2 questions if that’s ok.

  1. Did a dummy booking for 2 RTW:
  • Melbourne MEL-OSL Emirates / (surface BER-LHR Norwegian, train Lon-Paris) /
  • ORL-JFK BA / (surface NY-Toronto-Calgary-Vancouver) /
  • YVR-MEL Cathay via HK.

So only 3 flights and got points about 100k too many for 2. Miles only 25000.

  1. Also can I book Westjet (I think they are a non preferred partner) as part of my RTW trip NY to Toronto to Calgary to Vancouver?

Thanks for your help and keep up the great work,

Assumig you mean the Qantas Oneword Classic Reward (you’ve been pretty thrifty with your words).

You can only use Oneworld airlines and Emirates is not one of them. Can’t say there aren’t ny other issues but that is definitely one.

Check this list here and only select the airlines with the Oneworld badge.

Thanks Gwabell I appreciate your reply.  Yes I was too economical with my words sorry but you guessed correctly.  I was trying to dummy book a Qantas Oneword Classic Reward.  In terms of Emirates not being a oneworld airline they are listed on the site you directed me to but I might have read somewhere that they are dropping off in March next year.  If this is the case it might explain the high points.

As for Westjet flights from New York and across Canada it looks like they are partners as well but they don’t come up on the Qantas search engine.  For this airline and eg. Qatar I wonder if maybe I have to get the flights and call QFF?  If this is the case I presume I would have to get all other flights and book all of them on the phone with QFF at the same time to make it a RTW Qantas Oneword Classic Reward flight?