Qantas oneworld RTW redemption questions

Am I being realistic?

I am so very grateful for the help I have had so far from Points Hack Community

This is my largest request so far, with multiple questions

The trip will start late August 2023 and ends late October 2023

Qantas oneworld Classic Reward Business Class
Limit points 318,000 x2 636000
The Order is City of departure, City of destination, [via City (if any)] and no of segments
From To Via Segments
ABX SYD 1 Booked
Syd NRT [KUL] 2 Booked
NRT NKM 1 Booked
NKM HND 1 Booked
HND JFK 1 Booked
JFK IAD [Train] 1
DUB CMD [LHR/Gatwick] 2
AUH SYD [Unknown ??] 2 estimate

1/ Is this itinerary valid?
2/ Is my identificantion of segment numbers correct?
3/ DUB to CMD arrive Heathrow and depart Gatwick - is the transit from one London airport to another, without stopover, a segment?
4/ I am hopeful of travelling CMD to AUH as one segment but seems unlikely? - any comment?
5/ I am hopeful of travelling AUH to SYD as no more than 2 segments? - any comment?
6/ AUD to SYD seems difficult - via KUL, HKG or CMB seem reasonable prospects but very unsure - any comments?
7/ AUD to SYD via Singapore seems extremely unlikely - any comments?
8/ Am I correct that max segments is 16?

I am well within 35,000mile limit

I know that I am asking a lot

I would be very grateful for comments, guidance/advice.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nothing jumps out as me as problematic so far. But I’m not sure what CMD is? CMD appears to be a teeny tiny airport in the middle of NSW, so I’m not sure how to answer your question about getting to Abu Dhabi from there.

As for coming back to Sydney, it’s not impossible but definitely harder to do from Abu Dhabi than from a oneWorld hub. Qatar doesn’t seem to be releasing much Business Class seats from Doha to Australia, and so your most ‘direct’ option is a bit challenging. I think you can consider departing from Dubai instead of Abu Dhabi as Dubai seems to have a bit more oneworld options with Cathay, Sri Lankan, Qatar, etc, but the surface segment between AUH and DXB is an issue. Maybe fly into DXB instead of AUH? I think you haven’t booked that leg yet?

Overall, booking far in advance, availability is generally alright coming back to Sydney but you need to get in quick. Also consider flying into Melbourne to Brisbane as well to open up your options. It doesn’t necessarily have to start and end at the exact same airport.
Max segment is 16.

Thanks djtech - so sorry - not CMD - it should be CMN Casablanca - certainly not mid NSW :slight_smile:

I take your point that Dubai might be a better option, thanks. It is an option and might be our best option.

Flying from Dublin to Casablanca involves two London airports - transiting from one airport to the other, does that mean one segment?

I am looking at various routes home from UAE, via Colombo, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong. Ill keep trying but it might be that I can book early as far as Dubai (or Abu Dhabi). I would then regularly keep trying to find the final flights required to get home.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Ahhh CMN makes a lot more sense.
I believe it counts as a transfer as it is within the one city and within 24 hours despite the airport change. Had a quick look and there are limited direct options but it is doable via LHR without an overnight stay (DUB-LHR on BA then LHR-CMN on the Royal Maroc) but depends on availability of course.

Booking as you go is the recommended approach and you can always add additional segments as they appear and or change the destination of your segments as well so you aren’t locked in to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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Thanks, we’ll book as far as Casablanca for now and hold and be on watch for options beyond. Again, many thanks, very much appreciated