Qantas Oneworld RTW redemption - Can you add more flights to the booking?


I’ve planned my RTW trip and it’s ready for me to start booking.
The first leg of my trip is available now and there is 2 business class seats open for the selected date i need.

The problem is, my next flights/leg is not open/available yet (i cant even select the dates).

Can I book the first leg now, get a booking number, then book the rest later on?
I know there is a charge of 5000 points but that is ok.

Will I need to call up to add the additional flights or can login with the booking number online and add more flights?

Just need a confirmation the above is doable, I know we can edit the itinerary to change things like dates and flight numbers but i’m not sure if we can add more flights to the booking.


Yes, you sure can. Not sure whether it is doable online though (never done it myself). As long as you stay within the rules, the costs will cap at 280000 Qantas points - taxes will increase of course.

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Watching with interest , can you update us!! as u go through this

Perfect. Thanks for confirming Hiew.
Boz, I will update as I go.

Hey, another question:

I was playing around with the flight search on Qantas last night and I did two searches (same dates):
1st: DPS - HND
The result shows business class booking available from both Sydney to Haneda and Melbourne to Haneda.
DPS - SYD/MEL - HND (Australian leg to HND business is available - DPS to AU in economy)

2nd: MEL - HND
No Business class availability.

Is this a glitch? If i call up Qantas will i be able to book Mel - HND or Syd - HND in business class?

Might be what they called a married segment.

Worth a try to call and ask though. You never know.

You can book the first leg now and book the rest later on by calling up. You will be charged 5000 points per passenger each time you call to make a change to the itinerary however.

Unfortunately you can only call up to add additional flights, so it’s a little inconvenient than simply adding them online.

The maximum points cap is 280,000 points, however every change will incur that 5,000 point fee per passenger each time.

is there a timeline for booking all of the sectors for the qantas one world classic reward business (280,000)e.g. from when you purchase the first flight or from when you take the first flight?

I believe you can add or remove flights from your RTW booking until the day before departure.