Qantas' oneworld classic flight reward ticket (RTW) – are there any cancellation/postponement options once trip has commenced?

Does anybody happen to know what is happening to oneworld classic flight reward tickets among the current Coronavirus crisis? While there is plenty of information online from Qantas about regular bookings, I’ve found nothing online that relates to oneworld classic flight reward tickets…

My predicament is: I’m two legs into a RTW ticket (oneworld classic flight reward ticket) – my partner and I flew SYD>SCL, and then later SCL>UIO. We were due to make our own way to MIA, following which we then had flights including: MIA>NYC, PHL>DUB, AMM>ICN, HKG>SYD. Our last flight is scheduled for November.

At the moment, we are in Denver, CO, staying with family and trying to figure out how to get back home (likely through our insurer). We have been trying to get in touch with Qantas for days via phone, Twitter and Facebook, but it is impossible to get through and we are unable to make any changes to our tickets online. Does anyone have any idea what the policy is with Qantas on this ticket? Obviously we can’t use any of our remaining legs anytime soon, and if we’re somehow able to resume travelling in a few months time the next leg (MIA>NYC) will be totally redundant to us, but as far as I’m aware the ticket does not allow for changes of origin or destination airports…

Sorry for the lengthy post! Any information greatly received.

Hi ccann17,

Only posting because of the lack of response.

I think typically once you have started on a Qantas RTW itinerary, you can’t change your itinerary.

However, with the current circumstances, there might be some wiggle room as a lot of flights are being cancelled and there are all sorts of travel restrictions.

Unfortunately, I can only advise to get an international calling card (if they still sell these) or pay for Skype credits and prepare a good book or movie to prep yourself for a long call wait. (My friend just waited 3.5hrs earlier today - took a nap while he was waiting too).

Hopefully, you’ll get an agent to understand your predicament. Suggest some options if you have some in mind. If you are not getting anywhere, ask for a manager.

If you don’t get any luck, you can only hang up and try again.

Sorry if this wasn’ very helpful. Good luck and take care while you are in the states. I heard its quite bad there.