Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold status - worth it?

Hi all,

We are collectively as a family working towards gathering points for make future holidays either a more pleasant flight - or a free flight, we don’t fly for business so in essence we are not frequent flyers but are frequent spenders. Goals are in the next couple of years to go business class for 2 adults and 2 kids to Europe and 6mths in we have accrued 125K in QFF points. I’m interested in whether or not it would be a good “investment” for me to spend what seems to be avg $2k to get to Gold status. Purely with the additional 75% points bonus in mind, we don’t travel enough to be really benefiting from any of the other extras. Also we would be due a credit card change soon, if I had Gold status prior to making that change would the points bonus of a new card be boosted up by the Gold status 75% extra? Also we pool our points so my wife’s and both kids all go into my account - would both adults need to be Gold status for it to be practical?

bonus points only applies to points obtained from flying not points from credit card.

I’d be interested how you calculate $2k to get Qantas gold. The cheapest I’ve spent in airfares is $8k.

Thanks for the reply Mark - very helpful!  If only I could return the favour but I’m stumped, I was browsing really without intent the day i posted and from your reply I’ve obviously misunderstood somebody’s post or how they were achieving their status, I’ve tried looking again to find them but can’t - if it’s any help I had started by reading about the travel agent and his flight deals - sorry for the bum steer but i’m sure I’m wrong!